Getting Started with Reltio Developer Portal

Start building using Reltio Connected Customer 360


Reltio developer portal provides information to developers to learn and build applications using Reltio APIs. You can browse through all the APIs, documentation, endpoints & parameters to understand the building blocks of Reltio Platform. If you wish to try the APIs please login with your Reltio credentials.

Reltio Developer Portal uses your Reltio account credentials to authenticate you and provide access to the available APIs. You can access the tenants and environments available to your account.

When you login and access the APIs, your authorizations in the tenant are applied. The response that you receive on executing the APIs depends upon your authorizations in that tenant.

Making a Request

You can use the following steps to try out an API in your environment:

  • Please login with your Reltio login credentials.
  • Select your environment. For example: TEST - to use the test environment.
  • Expand the endpoint.
  • Click TRY IT OUT. Request Body parameters become editable.
  • Enter appropriate values against the parameters. For example, the actual Tenant ID for which the API must be executed.
    Note: The mandatory/required parameters have an asterisk mark (*).
  • Click EXECUTE.

Swagger UI submits the request and shows the curl that was submitted. The Responses section shows the response in a JSON. The “Response content type” is always a JSON.