Reltio Developer Portal

Reltio helps Global 2000 innovators build digital platforms by providing core capabilities as reusable building blocks that connect with and complement each other. Aligned to the API economy, Reltio’s API-first approach provides APIs for Configuration and Data. Reltio’s REST APIs are based on best practices of the Open Data Protocol. These APIs allow resources identified using URIs and defined in an abstract data model to be published and edited by Web clients using simple HTTP messages.

Reltio Developer Portal provides an interactive interface for developers to try Reltio managed APIs to

  • Discover and try out Reltio APIs from central catalog
  • Use your own customer and partner environments to test the APIs with your existing credentials
  • Login & try without any setup requirement
  • Get support via rich documentation

To learn more download our white paper Data Orchestration in the API Economy

Data Orchestration in the API Economy


Define metadata configuration of your tenants from a collection of APIs



Load data into entities, relationships, interactions, crosswalks and reference data



Run various operations on the data - modify, update, read, search, match, merge and more



Explore the out-of-the-box capabilities for integration with other systems like D&B and DTSS



Monitor and run jobs on your tenant


Need some inspiration?

Business professionals who integrate the Reltio Platform with the software tools that they use every day, love the fact that the APIs give them the power to sync all data, connect deeply into applications, configure flexible workflows, and create connected customer experiences.